our solution

CrystalMail is an email management solution that proactively protects your business from viruses and unwanted emails.

Key Benefits:

  • STOP EMAIL VIRUSES & SPAM – before they reach your network
  • IMPROVE STAFF PRODUCTIVITY – No more wasted time sorting through junk emails
  • SAVE BANDWIDTH – you won’t waste your internet usage on unwanted emails and your internet connection will run faster
  • SECURE – stop hackers from accessing your email server by utilising CrystalMail as a secure mail relay
  • SAFE – set rules to manage content and keywords allowing you to control and limit legal exposure due to inappropriate or offensive email content
  • REDUNDANCY – Backup mail queue, if your internet connection is down our server will hold the mail until your connection is restored
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY – Redundant CrystalMail servers ensure your mail keeps flowing, even in the unlikely event that our primary link goes down.

How has it helped others?

  • SPAM levels have dropped from approx. 1,000 per week to 2-3 per day.
  • Reduced Internet usage as the SPAM is deflected before it enters your network
  • Faster internet connection as the SPAM never enters your network
  • Regular email reports which show you what has been quarantined and allows you to deliver anything that shouldn’t have been caught.