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keeping your email address private

1. Watch Out for Those Checkboxes When you sign up for something on the Web, there is often some innocent-looking text at the end of the form saying something like: “YES, I want to be contacted by select third parties concerning products I might be interested in.” Quite often, the checkbox next to that text …

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how can I stop SPAM?

1. Create a temporary email address One of the simplest measures that you can take to stop spam in your inbox is create a temporary email address (also called a fake, disposable, or alias email address). Through our survey, we found that 96% of people sign up for online accounts with their real, primary email …

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why do people SPAM?

Spam remains a serious problem today because spam emails continue to be a very profitable business for spammers. Spam email takes on various forms from adult content, selling products/services, pharmaceuticals to stock promotions, job offers, etc. These unsolicited email messages are a nuisance and spam emails can also be offensive to your end-users (particularly adult …

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