the problem

internet_abuse_spam SPAM is not just an annoyance it actually costs you real money?

Did you know that…

  • On average your staff spend 10mins a day deleting SPAM
  • 6 staff = a cost of $600 per month
  • 6 staff charging $50/hr = a loss of a further $1000 per month

Don’t throw away your hard earned money, invest in a good anti-virus, anti-spam program


We have been using CrystalMail Cloud Spam Filter now for 18 months and would highly recommend it to anyone considering the product. I, like many others, feel the need to instantly look when I recieve an email, resulting in a lot of lost time if it is spam. ChrystalMail has dramatically reduced the spam that …

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latest upgrades

In the spirit of continual imporvement of our products, CrystalMail has been upgraded to include the following Cluster servers have been moved to higher speed data centers to accomodate our growth Anti-Virus and SPAM filtering engines have been upgraded Imporved back-end security features numerous internal fixes Added ability to archive clean messages. This feature can …

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